Turkish Dramas in Urdu

Yunus Emre in Urdu

Yunus Emre is a Turkish historical drama serial on Sufism. Its story is on the life of the Turkish Sufi poet Yunus Emre which was born in Central Anatolia. This serial was on aired on Turkish television TRT 1 in Turkish. In Pakistan, it was subtitled in Urdu by a Pakistani channel Television.

Yunus is a student in Karatay University (Madrassa). Ilyas is a best friend of Yunus. He is also studying here. Their exams were near. They were worried about it especially Yunus. The day of the exam has been come. Yunus went to the exam place. His three teachers asked several questions to him. He answered all the questions correctly and confidently. They were waiting for the results. Result came. They announced the appointments of the passed candidate. Yunus’s friend Ilyas son of Mubariz was appointed as a judge by the state in Elmali. Suddenly, the name of Yunus is announced in the hall. He was very happy. He was appointed as a judge in Nalihan. He started his journey to Nalihan. In the desert, Yunus and his horse were thirsty. There is no water near them. He saw an old man. After greetings, he asked him that Is there any well? He answered that It will be rain soon. After some moments, the rain started. Yunus was surprised. Yunus again started his journey. He went to a Karwan Saray. He ate some food and went to a room where he can take rest. A thief entered his room and stolen his money and things and escaped. Yunus again started his journey on his foot. He again met that old man. He saw two men are injured and another man was running. Yunus shouted to him but he escaped. Yunus reached Nalihan and started his job. On the other side, that old man also reached Nalihan. He was Sheikh Tabduk Emre. Mullah Qasim and other dreweshs welcomed him.

Yunus started his job and decisions of cases. He saw the man who escaped. Yunus thought that he killed these two men. Yunus ordered the soldiers to arrest him. The man again escaped. But they arrested him. He was saying that he is not a murderer.